Super cute girl alert! Please help!?

Okay I met this girl on a dating site last week and we started chatting, and I suggested to her that we meet. We both study at the same university and have five classes together.

So I met her this afternoon, we would get coffee, but the place was too full so we just chilled on the grass and had a really nice chat, I felt very comfortable with her.

This evening she told me on chat that she's very glad she met me today.

Obviously I'm on a dating site for a reason and I told her this. She said she's open to the idea and wouldn't mind, but that it wasn't her primary reason for being on the site, that it was more of a social experiment.

The thing is, in the past and even now I've had a tendency to be rash and try to move too fast, and that probably scared girls off. So I was thinking we should meet a few more times for a chat and so before I finally ask her on a date and see how it goes.

What do you guys think, anything extra I can do?

This was yesterday.

Today we chatted for about 3 hours and she smiled a lot, I learn a lot more about her


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  • Nope...I disagree. You need to stop the chating, and take her out on the first real date. Then in another week...take her out on date 2, and kiss her at the end. In as little as 2 weeks you will be very clear how she feels about you. Keep things simple. No meetings other than one on one dates...and NO texting!


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  • dude just go on a date with her, before somebody else does :)

  • You don't have a chance

  • ask her out!:)


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