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Should I send ex nasty message or just leave it?

He was a 2 month fling... almost a year ago. But at the time I was 19 and he was 26. I had only had done it once before and thought he was my boyfriend, but he just used me for it. I became emotionally attached. Whenever I asked to hang out, he would say OK, but then cancel it and say he'd be over later, then we would do it.

Anyways, he's from Brazil and went back 9 months ago... he told me over text he was leaving, and never came to say goodbye to me. He Facebook messaged me briefly when there, but I haven't heard from him in 9 months. It took me a bit to get over him, I cried constantly because I felt worthless and ashamed I let myself be used. I deleted him on Facebook 3 months ago because I didn't think I"d ever talk to him and wanted to cut off all contact, plus I have a boyfriend of 6 months who I"m very happy with, I honestly haven't thought of the other guy in a while. Out of the blue the other day, I get a messaged from him saying it's been a while and how am I. I acted cordial, and was surprised when he said he noticed I deleted him and that I took a while to respond, but at least I'm not so mad. I said to him that I'm not mad, I've moved on and have a boyfriend. He said he had a girlfriend himself. Then I said good for you and to have a nice life. Because why is he messaging me anyway? But I feel I was too nice. I actually got mad after I sent it because the feelings of how heartbroken I was came back. I really want to send him a message saying it was an awful thing he did ect. However, maybe it's better to not come off angry?
Should I send ex nasty message or just leave it?
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