Unlocking your bra while hugging?

Why would a guy try to unhook your bra while hugging him? Is he just being a perv?

We have a history, we almost dated, we have feelings for each other, but he is dating someone else so we decided it was better that we were just friends. So I was having a really bad day, and I wanted a hug, and usually our hugs are long embraces. And he was rubbing my back and all of a sudden it felt like he was trying to draw something on my back with his fingers, and he smirked and said "It's not working!", and I realized he was trying to unhook my bra. Why the heck would he do that?


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  • He's a philanderer and womanizer, and was trying to get some ''Lovin.'' Or see some breasts.

  • Boobs are glorious things. He obviously has a sexual interest in you and wanted to get to the promise land.


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