Should I date this girl?

This girl and I are friends. Not friend zoned, but friends. She has a twin sister (who I play guitar with) and they are pretty close. I want to date her, but here's the thing. We will probably never get married, because keeping a relationship for at least six years is not really practical. And if you can't wait that long, you would have to break up. And if I broke up with her, as you would expect, she would be sad. And as she and her sister are so close, her sister would pretty much kill me, and I would never see them again. But their dad and my dad are pretty much best mates and see each other all the time. So we still see each other, and I'm sure their dad would be pretty pissed too.

So there you have it. My question is should I date her? And is there any point in having a relationship (besides sex) before you can carry through on the commitment?


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  • You've made up your mind so the answer is no. Maintain friendship and perhaps somewhere down the line you might change your attitude towards the matter.

    Don't get caught up in predicting the future. You lose sight of the moment that is life and the journey that makes it so fulfilling. Say 6 years comes to pass, she's happily married to another man and you're still single trying to find someone? Impossible? Not at all. My guess is as good as yours.

    What you do have is the power to seize this moment and never let go. Make it yours and let the end result fall as it may. You might break up 5-6 years from now. You might get married 2-3 years from now and stay married for decades. You choose. Maybe she doesn't even like you after all this. You don't know until you try.

    But if you really believe what you're saying and have no way of changing that, then just stay friends. It's over before it even started.


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  • Marriage is just a piece of paper.

    And if you're under 18, well IMO that's too young to get married.

  • Don't bother. You pretty much made it clear you're not really wanting to.