How to respond when a guy gives you his number?

At work today a guy came in and we started talking, probably not more than 3minutes? Anyways, we did have a common interest and he ended up giving me his number.

I have a few questions;

1) Should I get in touch with him, and if so how long should I wait to talk to him. Have any of you other girls texted/called a guy after only talking with him for a few minutes? Guys, when you give a girl your number when you only talked to her for a few minutes do you really want her to contact you, or are you just playing?

2) If I were to contact him is it better to call or text? (I think I would prefer to text).

Side note - Guys have given me their number before with little to no knowledge of each other. This is the first time a guy I thought was attractive and we had something in common with that gave me his number, so I'm not really sure how to go about everything. Or do you think it's too risky?


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  • Do what you feel is more comfortable, whether you want to call or text him... besides I know technology has come a long way but that shouldn't mean regular calling someone on the phone should be put out of business.

    If I give a girl my number, I'm not playing around, I'm really serious about wanting to get to know her. It takes a lot of courage for a guy to make the first move by asking a girl out.

    A guy shouldn't always have to rely on a girl to make the first move which is her giving him her number, cause that makes it seem like he has no confidence to just talk to a girl on his own.


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  • is the guy older, he will prefer a phone call. texting is so much less personal. you can't tell if a girl is into you with texting. when you talk to someone, you get emotion, you get insight. the rule, since phones were invented is to wait one day. then call. I still don't get the idea of having a phone and not talking. I mean, come on, ... that rant is for another time. back to this guy. if it's a younger guy, I guess texting would be fine. getting on the phone shows that you are confident. if I give my number to a girl, I'm interested. if I ask for a girl's number, I'm interested. sometimes though, if something strikes me wrong about a girl, I won't call her. I'm pretty sure before I won't call.

  • Text first few times. Then call


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  • Just text him, stop making things complicated for yourself. It's usually the "girl" who gives the number and the guy is the one wondering to call or not. Well you said that you both have something in common and that you somehow find him attractive, so it will not be weird if you text him. The moment he gave you his numbers, it says that he doesn't mind you communicating with him..

    So go for it... Text him already gial!

    I agree with you... don't call.

    • So you're sayoing girls give their number out to guys more than guys give their number out to girls?

    • Mhm... Well guys are the ones "always" asking for phone numbers... I've never asked a guy for his phone number. ^.^