Should I ask her out for a third date?

We met through personal match maker so I assume she is also looking for long term relationship.

She offered to go Dutch on first date and I told her she can pay for next. She doesn't seem to reciprocate my advances like holding hands she said she is not a fan of PDA.

The next date she paid for everything but she seems really uptight she elbow crushed me when I tried to get close. She yelled at me when I hug and lift her up when I greet her. She even talked about how attractive her exs and friends are.

I told her I have women chasing me and she said congratulation.

If she didn't like me why she come out for second date and paid for the date? Is she playing hard to get or just doesn't like me? I backed off since last night and she didn't contact me. Usually initiate all contact.


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  • Not sure what you did on the first date and between second date. It sounds like she was trying to let you know she is not interested in you in a romantic way.

    You said it yourself you were trying to touch and feel her. I don't think any lady would appreciate that of course unless the interest was reciprocate.

    She is paying for the date could be just to return the gesture from first date or trying to gige you other chance. I would suggest you to move on. She doesn't seem to have interest in you.


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  • She seems kind of flaky. I can't imagine why a woman would behave this way unless she's mentally unstable. For example yelling at you for a hug, talked about her exes (that's just bad manners)? You guys are trying to make each other jealous and have only had 2 dates, there's something wrong there. Dating is about getting to know each other not pushing away and making things difficult. I just flat out think she's a little crazy, run... fast!

  • According to her behavior on the second date, she seems to be a rather strange person. Actually I do not think she looks interested telling you about her exs which is not wise and yelling. Although time will show, you may inititate contact , if you see she is unfriendly, I suppose, it is better to stop going out together.

    • Oh she yelled at me cos I lifted her up and pressed my chest against hers, I admit I was trying to feel her boobs.

  • I would say no.

  • She sounds strange. Delect her number . What a wiredo. Wasing your time.

    I m on dating site. There are times I m uncertain about things but I am clear w. my intend.


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  • When women say how good looking their ex was, it's time to kick this hoe to the curb.

    • She is a hoe for talking about other guys to let him down easily? Woman do that a lot it's less harsh then telling it to his face or walk out during a date.

      You sound like an egostitic idiot

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    • You and the QA are the idiot. There QA even admitted to try to touch and feel her. It's nice enough that she didn't slap him.

    • Do you actually understanding the meaning of the word "hoe"? Or you think every women is same as your mum?