How much is smoking a lot of weed responsible for memory loss?

He smokes a joint or two a day but more at the weekend. When I text him at the weekend he'll likely forget to write back. I can deal with that.

This time I was having adverse psychological side-effects to prescription meds (one big anxiety attack, hallucinations etc.). I live alone and he's the only one who knows I'm sick. I asked him yesterday to send me a message the next day to check in on me because I was a little anxious as to how the effects might develop.

A few hours ago I sent him a message saying it was OK and that the side-effects had stopped. He then told me he totally forgot to message me as he was smoking loads.

So can weed really be to blame or does he just not care enough to remember? I try not to take it personally but it gets me sometimes.


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  • Wait, wait. You are complaining about weed when you are taking meds with side effects! You do know the whole health care system is runned by big pharma and is one of the biggest corrupted murderers. The FDA killed more people then those who died in the holocaust! You have to heal twice when taking any prescription meds, meds! One from your sickness, and the other from the meds! Weed on the other hand is a natural remedy! Has many anti-carcinogens, cantanoids that already exist in your body, strengthens your lungs, birth of new neurons and cells, and makes you feel good. They have done studies of people with epilepsy and found out that patients that ate marijuana oil had a reduce from a couple hundred seizure's a month to like one or 2. Memory loss was a myth never proven to be true. So most likely your boyfriend was just too lazy to call you, and the reason it is illegal is because weed and hemp has so many uses the government and corporations will loose so much money due to free trade. A lot of companies will go out of business, so the government makes it illegal only because of money. Its pretty much tyranny, but you should already know that we have a tyrannical government!

    • I don't have your government but I do understand the range of complaints against pharmaceuticals out there. I did my research when I started having adverse reactions and have read the horror stories. I'm not taking it for a case of the sniffles, I have to accept the risks. Weed does mess with your ability to do/think things. I've taken it enough times to have first hand experience of the jungle it creates in the brain but never enough to know how it effects regular users.

    • I smoked weed for 8 years, my memory was better when I did smoke! At one part of my life I ate a lot of junk food and smoked weed everyday. The next day I would feel like crap, but then I realized it wasn't the weed that was making me feel sick, it was the junk food! Weed does not mess with your head.

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  • ok so here's what marijuana does, THC clings to the neruons in our brains and slows down receptivety, but it also makes our hippocampus more active (While high) which is the part of the brain used for discarding information (so you discard more "useless" information) but afterward it goes back to normal, its only after prolonged and heavy usage that short term memory loss is believed to occur. (there was also a recent study that showed marijuana use increased size of neruons which is benificial)\

    -used to smoke but not anymore


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  • I don't mean to offend you, but this guy is F*** up! You most really love him.

    Trust me, this world is filled with men, and yes some nice ones are out there. If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time with this guy. But I don't know what's your personal condition either. It can also be you both are in the same condition, and that's why you to get along, I don't now.

    Well to answer your question.. It's both, the weed and that he is a jerk.

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