I do the right thing, am I? Really need help to get over this confusion lol

Hey folks: I used to date a guy a few months ago, who totally made me insecure bout my behavior when it comes to dating: First he made me hope gave me promises, when he had me he pushed me away and gave me the feeling like I am too pushy, too clingy, too complicated...I know that he didn't do the right thing.

But nevertheless, since than, I am thinking way too much, about what I should do when I date a guy.

I used to be very relaxed about that, but now I always have these thoughts like: this action is way too much, that seems to needy blaa...

When I like somebody, I am very open minded, say exactly what it is on my mind, no matter if it is about my feelings or whatever, I am not too proud to tell what is going on, when I am thinking about someone I just text and say, because I dnt like playing games and try to keep the coomunication going and open minded. I know that this is the right thing to do, to keep a mature relation going and thinking too much destroys a lot, but I just came so insecure about it and ever since this affair it seemed that my way didn't work. Probably I just met a bunch of dirtbags and only a real men appreciates that...still..

I am not posting this to get some attention, fishing for compliments and I know some people got way much bigger problems than me...but I thought, if I get the feeling from other people and support, I am doing the right thing here, letting go all these doubts and go with my convictions, it will be way more easier for me and I can skeep the feeling, that I screw it with no matter what I do, Because I am thinking bout to much if it is right


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  • It may be that the guys you dated were not dirt bags so much as they were not right for you. You probably need a guy who appreciates honesty and openness even if it's not what he wants to hear. Such people (both genders) are rare. The flip side also applies. Are you open to hear what they honestly say about you, even if it's hard? If not, you don't really have the right to expect this of others. If a guy can be freely honest with you without repercussions, then he can point out when you go too far or become too needy. Then you don't need to over-think it yourself.

    • Thanks for your comment. It is really true- sure, if I have the right to speak up, than the opposite too. Good point that a person who probably matches with me the most, will tell me in advance if something is wrong. good point

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