How do you support an athlete you are dating?

How would you handle dating an athlete that is so focused on reaching a goal that it means less quality time with you? What if he or she doesn't communicate until you initiate or doesn't show that they want you to be part of it until they reach their goals? Mind you that you both reach an understanding that there is a potential relationship that can develop because you both know for sure that love is there and can grow.


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  • I guess you just have to understand the situation that at this point you're not his top priority and appreciate the time that you do have together.

    Generally if I'm working towards a goal and dating someone I find time to fit them in. Is he not doing this for you? Are you sure he actually intends on making things more serious once he's accomplished his goal? How long is that going to take?

    Are you really comfortable hanging around for this guy who isn't willing to make you a priority? What if it doesn't work out later on and you wasted all this time on false hope? It sounds to me like you're both looking for different things at the moment...

    • I wish I can tell you everything. He has done this before when he was working two jobs. He knew the date he was going to stop his second job. I guess he is one of those that like to have it all together. He wasn't giving much attention but he explained and I text him from time to time. We connected and are feelings got stronger. When he saw the results of his last competition he started drifting away. I was texting him but I haven't text him since the last time I explained to him how I felt.

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    • I told him that I understand what athletes go through. He is so used to me sending pics or text from time to time and he would respond. Now 4 days passed and I have not text him. I just feel like I shouldn't be putting in time and energy because like you said...when is going to reach his goal? I know that he is doing well but he want to be at the top with his other team mates. I like him a lot and I don't want to stop contacting him but sometimes no contact will make them realize person is serious

    • Like you said...people can make time. I told him a phone call or dinner once a month is suffice. I wonder if he is afraid of failure?