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Guy I am seeing now LDR well this weekend he had his son and we are on a different time zone. I sent him a text the other day, "I know you must be asleep but miss you" and then a little kiss.

He responds all the way today with "Thanks, honey."

Of course we text some other small talk, but what the hell?

I guess he didn't miss me then :(

I mean I didn't send the text saying that so he'd say it back. I sent it because it was how I felt, but when I got his response, I kinda had to wonder LOL


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  • Don't assume he doesn't miss you because he doesn't say it. If he did say he missed you, he might have felt like he was saying it because you said it first or because he felt it was expected of him. It's not reasonable to assume something because he didn't say the opposite.

    • Very true, thank you :)

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