By telling him how I feel, will I just end up embarrassing myself?

We've only been going out for a month and he has been very affectionate and responsive to both my texts and initiating contact. He was sweet and very attentive/caring even just recently. When we saw each other last a week ago, things went well and it seemed like we talked about things we wanted to do before the end of the summer.

A few days ago, he stopped responding as quickly to my texts and I haven't heard back from him since texting yesterday to see how his holiday weekend is with his family is going.

He now seems to be acting like he's not interested in me anymore. Those are the signal I've been getting from him for the past 5 days.

Do I just come out and say how I feel--that I do like him and I would love to continue to spend time with him, but if he doesn't feel the same way, then I just really just want to support him and wish him luck? Or do I just leave it be and try to move on knowing there is a possibility he will respond and want to hang out again?

Personally, I feel like I want to know and it's never a bad thing to share your feelings with someone.

Is that too pathetic though? Will I end up just embarrassing myself and feeling worse? Especially since it might be by text or email if he doesn't respond to make plans to see me?

Has anyone been in the same situation? What did you do and what was the outcome?


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  • Whether we admit it or not, we all fear rejection, but you owe it to yourself to find out if there is anything there. So I suggest that you tell him that you would like to spend more time with him because you are interested in him. Ask him how he feels about it.


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  • just tell him. if you don't say anything, he'll think that nothings wrong.

  • i am in the same situation at the moment... Not really sure what to do either. I think I will end up talking to him about it though. I am worried what he will end up saying but I think I will regret if I don't tell him how I feel.