How can someone ugly get a date ?

in case of these answers , please don't answer

go to the gym (I do)

get some confiBS

talk to girls ( I do but they never talk back)

go after uglier girls (I do but they are the exact same thing)



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  • You gotta believe that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Continue enjoying life and look to meet people of similar age, education, Socio-economic status, intelligence, politics, personality traits, religious beliefs, personal values, interests and hobbies, sociability and ambition. Once you have found like mined people look at your emotional and physical intimacy needs. I'm telling you now that there are very few people in the world who are so generally unattractive that their compatibility in over 10 areas will be trumped by their not so good looks. You will have to try harder than most so look to maximize your appearance and try online dating to widen your options

    • failed at online dating for 2 years , not one message , reply , or date

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  • Confidence

    • read the question please

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  • Let's start you @ 0 rating.

    You go to the gym, work out, and are fit and have an athletic body. +2

    You initiate conversations with people. +2

    You're not a burn victim and you don't have some interesting skin disease. +2

    You are not overtly infirmed or disabled. +1

    That alone puts you at 7.

    Your problem is likely behavioral. Yet due to the difficulty and intangibility of behavioral problems and their management it's easier to blame it on your face. From those few lines I can easily subtract 7 points and dig you into the negative just based on your method of complaint alone.

    • girls hated me as a child too

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    • its just girls not guys

    • This wouldn't change anything. There are plenty of actions and mindsets that are popular with men and not women, and vice versa.

  • POF has tons and tons of girls. You need to try there.

    • had a profile for 2 years . never one date,message ,or reply

  • Get plastic surgery? Maybe your just trying too hard and appear disperate.

    • that will make my family resent me

  • Absolutely not adamfk1 so you might as well give up now

  • Your personality needs a lot of work. Based on 5 lines of text, I wouldn't want anything to do with you.

    • 5 lines of text don't show a persons personality

    • They show me you're a whining complaining bitch who lacks confidence in himself, berates his own looks, has a low opinion of confidence as a thing, a shocking attitude towards women in particular, and the public at large in general.

  • It seriously would amaze me if anyone gave this more than a single star rating. Seriously, grow the hell up, man. Keep doing those things. It works. For everyone. I'm ugly as hell.

  • Do all of those, and keep doing them. If that's not enough, how about you stop acting like a pathetic sadsack and start working on your personality. Because from what I'm getting out of this post is that you've given up, and you have no confidence, no personality, no charisma, and you sit there, feeling sorry for yourself, expecting someone to come in, and magically save the day. Not gonna happen. You keep doing all those things mentioned above. Maybe add "join dating sites" to the list, and keep doing all of those things until somebody talks back and eventually says yes. But first.. work on your personality because as it stands, it's obvious yours sucks. F***the pity party. Be a man. Not a bitch.

    • ive been on pof and match for 2 years , not one date , one message , or one reply . I have a terrible accent so personality is out of the window . its been 8 years now

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    • im not paying 30$ a month for a service that I failed for free

    • You're still a loser.