Should I start the 2nd time texting him again?! HELP.

K so I met this guy the day after and he was trying to f*** while we were wasted

And I was saying n

Well we tried but he had so much beer it wasn't happening lol well he asked me to stay with him lol so I did another night with him and his friends and well he really seems to like me like he thought I was gonna leave and went over and made sure I had his number

But I stayed and well we tested alil last night while he was drunk again a bit and he can handle alotta beer lol

But it says he's been on and off Facebook -.- he hasn't replied to me

What do I do?!

Its only now been a whole day since I Haven't talked to him.

I texted him first like 8 hours after he dropped me off.

And it ended with me saying I need to tell you something and the second was asking if I left my chaptstick eos ball at the hotel.

Idk should I text him in a couple days? What do I say?

Or is it better ljke I let him text me.

Like id say let him text me.

But he seems very shy lile when he's sober

He apparently says he hardly is (HES A MARINE, typical aleays drinking lol) and I think he does Because he can talk more and stuff.

So please please help.

Im gonna be 19 and he's 20.

Thank you guys so much for the help id love it!


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  • He is 20 and drunk all the time and this is who protects our country?


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  • I would wait like 2 or 3 more days to see if he contacts you...even if you think he's shy, if he wants to get ahold of you, he will. If he doesn't, then just casually text him something. It all depends if you have feelings for this guy, or just wanna hook up.

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