Am I annoying this guy with my texting?

Basically this guy and I have not gone a day without texting, calling, or skyping for seven months. He just moved to where we can both are so we hang out and stuff now, the first week we were together we just hung out and cuddled, then the second week he told me he liked me but didn't want a relationship. He wanted to continue texting and calling and wanted to hang out. I didn't text him the following day and he texted me so we continued talking everyday. The third week we hung out and things kinda got a but crazy. We talked about it and just decided to hang out and let things go when we're together and just do whatever happens at the moment. I text him a lot every once in a while he will start the conversation but normally its me that texts him. We can't see each other in the week because of our schedules. We are both pretty busy. When I get off work I usually text him and he answers just fine with smileys and lols, but sometimes I wait to see if he'll text me and lately it takes longer and longer for him to text. If I haven't heard from him for more than 24 hours I'll text him. I just don't know if the texting annoys him or not, he's told me it doesn't but I know he's busy and I try to not bother him but I still want to talk to him. I feel like if I didn't text him sometimes he'd just forget about me.


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  • Stop blowing up his phone. There's only so many answers to 'how are you?' Yes guys get irritated with texting. And so long as you're going to physically be around when he needs/wants you then he doesn't have to work for it. And he's already told you he doesn't want a relationship? You aren't a girlfriend you are a fwb.

    Don't be so obsessed and available, men like mystery.

    I would stop initiating all contact. If he does contact me I'd make it short and sweet and then wait for him to initiate again. Then I might start initiating every other day or something. If he doesn't have time for you find time for someone else.