Am I suppose to go back to him, after everything? Am confused

We started dating last year although he was my friend before,we love ourself but I have problem with is character. He is not that open,he won't tell me anything until I ask him. He don't like calling,text message only chatting on social network. But I call,text message and even send him credit but I don't know maybe am just forcing mysef on him. So I call it quit despite me lovin him. Now anytime I see him,i pity him even myself. I still love him but confuse


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  • Dont go back to him because by the sound of it he didn't care to much, I understand that you love him but if he can't be bothered to even text you back and he rather talk to you over social network sites that's not good enough for a relationship, you shouldn't have to work so hard just to get him to reply back to you, you should move on even if you don't think your ready you just need to know that he wasn't right for you and there is someone out there you'll meet and get in a relationship with and they will speak to you,the will text you back and call you back they won't ignore you like there pushing you away. you just need to know there's someone much better than him waiting on you, hope I helped :-)