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I had invited a guy I met only one time before to my birthday event. during the night, we talked a bit and spent some time away from my other friends (he bought me a birthday drink and found two empty seats to sit down). When we departed, he and I exchanged a few texts and one of his texts were as follows:

"there's apparently a good pizza spot in (withheld) I've been wanting to try, as well as some cool bars. And for dancing, we should get a group to go to (withheld)."

now I know he had mentioned getting a group to go dancing some place in the second half of the text, but how should I interpret the first half? Does he wanna grab pizza as a group (with my frineds) or just the two of us? kthanks!

hey guys! just wanted to say t h a and k s for all the responses to my q. really helped me! so I ended up sending him a quick text last night asking how he was and everything and if he got to check out the pizza place yet. we were going to meet to go next weekend but it turns out he can't due to it being a Jewish holiday for him, so we might go the Saturday after :)
PS: after reviewing your guys' answers, it was VERY tough choosing just one. I thought all of them were insightful and hope you guys know I would choose all of them as best answer! I'll keep you guys updated :)
hey everyone! yesterday, we finally got a chance to meet for pizza. It went well, awkward at first lol. After a while, we started laughing, joking around. The pizza was pretty good; we were arguing over who'd get the last slice so we ended up sharing it. There was no hint of a 2nd date, although I think he mentioned inviting me to his Vegas conference this wk. We talked about going to other places in the area at a later time with some friends. Afterwards, we hugged and went our separate ways :D


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  • I'd assume we want to go to dinner with you alone then meet with some friends ( saying 'we should get a group' means a mix of your friends and his) for dancing.

    He is interested in you, and wants to spend more time with you, also wants to show your and his friends that you two are getting closer.. Thant's a good thing!

    • yeah I'd assume that too, but I just didn't wanna get the wrong idea. thanks so much..I'll update you guys :D

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  • lol omg its so obvious, he wants to go out to a public place "claiming you as his" just the two of you then goes out with his friends most likely maybe yours if he ask. What's confusing? he's interested in you.

    • I know it seems obvious from a guy's POV but you know how we girls like to over-analyze hehe but yeah I'm hoping he is interested, he's pretty nice, sweet and down-to-earth..not to mention cute! thanks for your help :)

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  • He sounds interested in you and wants to hang out in a group setting first to get to know you or ease his way into dating you since you have only met twice. He probably doesn't want to come off too aggressive but it's clear he likes you.

    • thanks brookeyyy! yeah, I'm thinking he's just kind of shy and would rather get some friends together before one-on-one time. at this point, it seems like he wants to grab a bite with just me and then maybe go dancing with some friends afterward. I'm shy too so we'll see how this goes...!

  • I'd assume pizza alone, but ask him.

    • yeah I was assuming that too but of course I kept flip-flopping between 'hmm, me or the group?' thanks for your input turtleluv!