What is going through her head?

I started talking to a girl who I really like. she is easy to talk to, very pretty, and everything I would want in a girlfriend. we went on what I thought was a first date and it went really well. I went out of the country and then immediately had surgery, so I wasn't able to see her for quite a while. her mom, who is very close to her, told me that she does like me a lot, and wants to hang out with me, but she isn't interested in dating. well it was a great time to tell me this because I was on a sh*t ton of narcotics from surgery, so I talked to her about it. I asked her and she said, yes lets just stay friends. I had sent her a text that said "(her name), I really like you, and all I want to do is be able to treat you like a princess, but if you think its not right for us to date right now, then I want to stay good friends". well she hasn't talked to me since and tries to avoid me now. any idea if there's anything on my part that I need to apologies for and what is going through her head!?


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  • she's not looking for love. she's looking for fun.