He didn't answer my call! Scared!

LOL! Seriously though I have been friends with this guy for sometime now, we are not extremely close, but his ex got a PFA/Restraining order on him, and she called him up after she got it and he answered the call, when I told him not to cause she is treacherous and I am thinking you idiot! So, anyways I feel really bad cause she is crazy and got a fake PFA against him, so I texted him last night and said "Hey! How's everything?" He said "Not good, cause the cops are at my house, and I won't let them in. They are saying that I violated my PFA, I didnt!" He wouldn't let the cop in without a warrant, so I texted again and said "Oh my god, what's going on?" He then called me like 5 min later and was laughing and saying "That cop was weird. He left, and I recorded him I am going to send these vids to you, when you see them call me back!" I called him back 6 min later, no answer. I texted him 10 min later and said "I tried calling you is everything ok?" He didn't text me back and it's the next day. He still hasn't called or texted. I am scared, and I don't know if he is just ignoring me? Or if they arrested him? Like I said I don't even know his mom so I can't find any info out, but what do you think? Do you think he's ignoring me? Or something went down?


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  • I doubt he's ignoring you. Unless he's at work. Google the sheriff's department in your town, they often have booking photos.


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