Cute date ideas for a college student?!

Im in college with a girlfriend back home, we are planning on seeing one another once a week or so since I'm actually pretty close to home BUT I want some cute date ideas for when we do see each other. I don't just want to always be sitting on a bed talking and what not, I want to take her out and really make her feel special. Money is not an issue at all so just throw some ideas out there :)!


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  • I always something simple like going out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Depends also how adventurous she is and you are, take something's that she has discussed with you like interests, hobbies, dreams and work with it. Check travelzoo or groupon from time to time for a quick one day get away or little exciting or romantic adventure you can have. Like say take 2 days and say we are running off to Vegas ( gonadal ride at the Venetian, watching the fountains, nice dinner for two, helicopter ride over the strip, etc) for two days, we are going on a nice hike with a packed picnic for two, dinner and a show, if you have things like carriage rides in your area or boat adventures make an appointment for one, I don't know where you live so it's kinda hard to say.

    • I live in eastern canada :P money isn't an issue but time is. I wish I had the time to take her on some nice vacation but I can't -.- maybe in the summer time ill take her on a little vacation somewhere nice.

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    • Im assuming you meant BC, I loved it there when I went absolutely beautiful! did white water rafting and I wish zip lining :(

    • Ya I love it yes damn autocorrect

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