Did I misread the signs?

Went out with my guy friend and he did the following:

-Insisted on picking me up at my house

-We talked non-stop the entire time (about 5 hrs)

-He leaned toward me the entire time, perched on the edge of his seat

-smiled a lot, with some big smilesand laughter.

-opened up about his personal life at home, work, showed me a pic of his dad

-Looked into my eyes(like he was soul searching) the entire time, even though I was wearing a low top

-Did not try to touch me, but didn't flinch when our knees would touch

-Extended our "date" after dinner to hang out and get drinks another place

-Asked me about my "dating situation" and recent ex, why we broke up, past relationships.

-Told me "I think you are a good person"

-Told me "I'm sure you will find the right guy someday"

-Told me twice to let him know if I had an event to go to and he would be my date.

So I'm a little confused what he meant by that comment about finding the right guy someday...is he just not that interested or is he scared of possibly getting hurt,I did tell him my last two relationships I broke up with the guys(for legitimate reasons) which I expressed to him...Thoughts anyone on what he is thinking? And if I'm breaking down his walls? thanks all in advance!


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  • he wasn't getting the feedback from you that he was looking for. so he thought you weren't into him much. he's one of those nice guys that doesn't want to compromise you with touching. he's letting you decide where it goes, but he's letting you know that you are a person and that he respects you. did you wear the low cut top just to see if he could keep his eyes away?

    • Hmm interesting, I like your perspective...I think because of our kinda long history of mixed messages/attempts, I try to treat him as just a friend, not really flirting, but still trying to show him I have feelings for him..I did towards the end become more flirtacious and grabbed the front of his shirt to look at his chest. I also kissed him when he dropped me off but I was pretty wasted. What kind of feedback was he looking for? The shirt was a scoop neck, so not really too revealing lol

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    • Yeah I was wondering if he kinda pulled back a little because he thought my feelings were being influenced by alcohol...soo you are saying maybe have a dry date and pull some flirty moves on him... Would that get the message across? What would you like for a girl to do in my situation?

    • you know that guys aren't supposed to take advantage of a girl, much less a drunk one. yes a dry date would cut down on the confusion.

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