Wondering if I will be asked on a second date

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Need a male's perspective here...

Met a guy last Thursday, liked him, decided to take the lead and contacted the guy...kind of "it was very nice meeting you. Hope you have a great weekend" approach...kind of subtle...guy replied back saying would be nice to get together "soon". Soon ends up being the day after, Saturday evening. Went out with him. Liked him, easy conversation, laughs, similar experiences and some common interest... Went from dinner to having a drink, listening to a band live...end of the night with mutual smiles and "it was very nice, thank you so much"... Guy sent a text the morning after saying "last night was great. Lets do it again soon"...I replied saying that I agreed and it was a great night out!...and then, silence. Have not heard a word from him since Sunday morning. I have not made contact either. don't want to look desperate or needy...so, I am wondering if this is normal guy behavior . Is it likely he will contact again?...should I contact the guy?...send some "green light" signal?...thanks for your help in advance!...BTW, I am 39 and the guy past 45 or so...so, we are talking about grown up adults here... And this guy does not look like the type that has problem dating in general...


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  • I would give it a few more days, maybe he is just really busy on weekdays. If he doesn't contact you by then, he's probably not super interested

  • he's probably wondering if you were being sarchastic or not. you didn't say 'lets' or anything remotely signaling a second date. contact him with a date that's good for you.


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