How do I turn the tables and get her to start calling?

Im 36 and she's 49. We just started talking a week ago. We met online and she lives in the same town as me. We haven't met in person yet but were supposed to. We have some of the same friends on fb. We talked a lot the first couple days and it was great. Now not so much. I know I have a tendency to lay it all out on the line and I know I have texted her too many times. I admit I am notorious for that. she says everything is fine and has reassured me that I am not bothering her. I know she is very busy with her career and her teenage daughters but I want to get involved with her too. We were supposed to hang out on Saturday and at the last minute she texted me and said her son from out if town surprised her. Then the next day she had an ear infection. she called me Tuesday morning and said she fell down a flight of stairs. Wow! So me being the nice guy I am, ordered her flowers on Wednesday and sent them to her work. she messaged me thanking me telling me that her day was better now because if the flowers and they were beautiful. She told me 2 times in a message that they were beautiful. I have texted her today numerous times and I hate myself every time I do it. She may respond once reassuring that its cool and I need ti relax and that she has just been very busy and things are crazy. I haven't texted her since this afternoon. What do I do now? I really like this woman and I hope I haven't already screwed it up. Please help me.


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  • First excuse; fine. Second excuse; weird. Third excuse; really? I would try to schedule one more thing with her and if she cancels then I would give up. Life is short and it's not a matter of you screwing up but her actual interest in you. If she's not interested and making excuses, then I would move on to another woman. There's plenty of women in the sea.

    • Ok but she tells me that she is interested and definitely wants to meet me. But I'm like you. how many times is she going to blow me off? I haven't tried texting or calling her since about 4 Pm today. Hoping she will get in contact with me.

    • Yeah, if you're still not getting anything then move on. Make it up to her to make initiative to dating you if she is truly interested. Crazy thing about women, we have phones and mouths too. It's crazy how women nowadays will still expect men to make all the moves, if we want to equal society then chivalry must also change. Sorry, rant!

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  • My advice: chill.

    She has a busy life with family and work commitments. If you're OTT and too needy it won't take long for her to feel you want more than she can give.

    I know it's hard when you are really keen to move things forward, but just slow your frequency of contact. Give her the chance to want you sometimes, instead of always being there before she has time to even realize your absence.

    Just one opinion :)

  • Let it rest and stop worrying whether she's going to reject you.

    You could always send her a text the next day asking her if she's free on this coming weekend


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