More Than "Just Talking"

Tonight, I was informed that we aren't "just talking".

Back story is that we were dating, broke up for about 8 or 9 months, then started seeing each other again about a month ago.

Now, we see each other several times per week, talk AND text every day/night (he texts me during the day every day and calls me every night ... 95% of the time, HE initiates it), and he plans outings a week (or more) in advance.

He'd been telling friends we were "talking" and "trying to patch things up" or "work things out". Tonight, at a work function, I received a peck on the lips (first PDA in front of people we both know) when he arrived. Later, when he took me home, kissing was a little more intense, so I put the kibosh on it happening again by later texting that things need to slow down if we are just talking. So, tonight, he tells me we are "more than just talking". My response to that was, "OK. We haven't really talked about it,. I would like to sometime when we are together again." He said, "OK." (I know ... I know ... Texting that was rather "high school", but it needed to be said and I didn't want to wait. But, it did open the door for discussion and I'm cool with that.)

SO ... after all of that ... What is "more than just talking" ? I am really curious as to what the common thought about that is. Dating ? Are we actually about to stumble into commitment territory ? I had to look up "just talking" to figure out what THAT was all about. (Pre-dating ? LOL I am so out of touch with current terminology.)

Thanks for any and all advice. I really don't want to have this conversation over the phone and want to be prepared for whatever is coming next.


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  • There aren't accepted definitions for 'just talking.' But it means, actually, the opposite. !

    It means you are sort of dating, but haven't TALKED about whether you are in a relationship, or not!

    Now, you need a 'discussion', not 'just talking!'

    • Exactly. And, that's why I said we needed to talk in person. This new "phase" has me all confused. Back in my day, there was no "just talking" stage. I just want to be prepared for whatever is coming next. Sounds like a non-committal committal. This is crazy making.

      Thank you for your answer.

    • Definitely non-committal!

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