So, is this a date, or what?

when I say "date," I don't mean official... we haven't even acknowledged our mutual attraction yet... XD but we hang out all the time, and we flirt like crazy. (like using winky faces in text, and he calls me "little bird" and says I'm pretty) he teases me, and treats me like a lady, and holds doors open for me, and buys me things, so it's kind of obvious that there's something going on. I'm going to his house this weekend for a movie night. I thought it'd be like a date. Then he asked if he could invite some friends. So, then I figured it wasn't. Then he said it was so I could meet his friends, and that one (or both) of his friends is bringing a date. So now I'm just lost! Someone tell me what's going on in that boy's brain! ha ha I'd ask him myself, but I'd rather not push a relationship right now, so I'm content to be flirty friends. XD


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  • He sounds like he doesn't formally 'date', and I say, good for him...the first thing you would want to know about is how someone interacts with other people in your circle, in an informal situation.

    'Dating' is always about totally artificial situations that don't occur in 'real life.'


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  • Enjoy meeting his friends, think of this as an interview. If his friends like you, which is what he's looking for then you are probably perfect dating material. Friends are his eyes outside of the relationship. So just relax and have fun!