What happened? Things can't change that quickly

This is Long but I'm totally confused and I need help. I ask my friends, and their all betches saying I should just forget him. But its so hard, me and him got close so quickly and I fell for him. so I met this guy, he was so amazing. I could tell he was different from others. Sortly after talking, he asked me to be his girlfriend. His friends were so shocked because he hasn't had a girlfriend in a couple years, they said he never finds a girl 'worthy' enough. So things were going wonderfully. everything was perfect. We never fought. Besides this one time, he said he didn't want to talk about it and he dropped me off. But I texted him after and told him to come over he did and everything was normal after that. Well anywaysOn Sunday we went to a party, he was calling me babe, kissing me, acting completly normal. then he dropped me off, and then we were texting. We got into a little argument in text because I brought up something. That he did last night that made him seem like a big a**hole. He started calling me selfish and saying he does everything for me and that we should talk tomorrow. Tomorrow comes... I didn't hear from him. So I texted him saying sorry and that I just want things to be okay. I got no response. So I called him a couple hours later. He didn't answer, but he texted me saying he needs some time and doesn't want to talk about it right now. Then I texted him the next day and was like 'do you just wanna break up, it seems like your just trying to get the easy way out. I just want to meet up so you could give me my stuff that I think I left in your car' he responds saying 'ok if I find the stuff in my car I'll come bring it to u' NOTHING AT ALL ABOUT THE BREAKUP?! So I end up finding the stuff so I text him 'nvm I found it' and he says 'oh ok' and I say 'so you really just want to end it like this?' He says 'I didn't want to do it over text, I wanted to in person' so I say 'well let's meet in person...but I don't want to wait forever for this to happen so text me tomorrow' and he says 'ok' so now that was 2 days ago and he hasn't texted me. What should I do? I honestly really like him so much, and I need some closure to move on. I really don't know what I did. I feel like I should of never texted him that night and everything would be ok.. :( so I just really need to know what he is thinking and what I should do?!?! Do you think I should text him? Honestly I don't want to text him first, because maybe he just needs some time right now. Sorry this is so long. But if your still reading this you're awesome!Thank you:)


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  • I don't know what it was you said that triggered his reaction but that is not important,everyone has little spats now and then. I think he may have met someone else, sudden changed behaviors is one clue. Hot and cold another clue. Sad but some guys are clueless, they don't think w their hearts like we do.I hope I'm wrong though but it sounds so familiar..

    • and don't forget he hasn't had a girlfriend in over 2 years, he sounds like he is a commitment phobe.Not your fault.

    • I was thinking that but there's no way he met someone new. We were constantly together. Just on Sunday everything was literally so perfect. I don't get it

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  • I say give it the time, I know it's hard. Deep breaths and just be patient...