Girl started using extra letters to words.

This girl that I have been talking to on and off for the past couple of weeks started to put extra letters to words in her text messages. She never did from previous messages.

Is this a girl way of flirting or normal behavior for texting with a guy. Thanks.


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  • I am confused, what do you mean by extra words, like instead of saying I love that she say I really really love that? Hard to say without any example of previous dialog and what it changed to. The overall message should show you how she feels, the amount she texts you, how she treats you.

    • Thanks for your response. For example, heyyyyyy , helloooooo, byeeeee.

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    • Thanks.

    • Ou are welcome, I hope it helps

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  • People usually do that to be cute, or fun. It makes it look the way they'd say it, "heyyyyy" suggests she'd drag out the eee sound if she'd have said it aloud.


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