Why do some people take a long time to respond?

My friend will sometimes text back right away and sometimes take hours to respond. He has an iPhone so it tells you when he's read the text. Most recently I texted him yesterday evening and he read it but only responded this morning which drives me insane. Why does he do this?

And I mean around 5 I texted him and he twosomes around 12 this morning


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  • Perhaps he was busy and/or tired and/or just didn't feel like talking anymore last night. So he responded when he was available and wanted to talk again.

    That's the beauty about texting, in my opinion. You can respond when you want to.

    If someone CONSTANTLY does that, delayed responses, I will get annoyed, but it goes no further :-)


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  • Sometimes you just don't feel like responding, or you've read the text but other things are going on and so you wait until later when you can respond properly.

  • I have the same friend and it often takes time for him to answer messages. Do not get upset when he responds in several hours, it does not mean that he does not value your friendship. He can be busy at school/work etc. and responds to the messages he received when he has time to text the reply and chat. Besides, girls are usually more attentive to calls or messages stuff.