How often do you text a girl you really like?

Say you really like a girl, and she is constantly on your mind, how often would you be texting her? Say you are a big people person, have many friends, close family members, work in the daytime and just basically have a whole life going for you. What would you say normal behavior when you really really like someone would be? Given you know she really likes you too.


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  • Every second exactly on the mark I send her a new text! (Always with a smiley face at the end) *giggles.

  • Daily or more.

  • Every other day? Have you tried initiating a text?

    • Even if you think about her alot, you only text her every other day? Why is that?

    • I don't have a set schedule of when to text. I don't have my phone with me all the time. So that may be why I don't text that often. Kids today have their phones on their faces 24/7 so idk

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