Is it really possible for someone who you once dated to still be your friend?

I have been in this situations quite a few times, and I wonder how many people think this is possible? And in what circumstances? Like does it matter how long you dated? Only a few days, a week, few months, year or more? Also is it possible that the person who had feelings may still want a relationship with the other, hoping they develop feelings? Is it possible to develop those feelings over time?


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  • I used to be extremely attracted to one of my friends who I no longer talk to. Now I still care about him very much but he is like a brother to me and not a husband. If he kissed another girl I would not be jealous at all but I still love him way more than you love your "friends." I always get jealous when I like a guy and if I see him with another girl but with this guy I love him very much but if he married somebody else I wouldn't care - maybe a little sad that he'll forget about me but that's it but my love for him CHANGED from romantic to friendship.


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  • I definitely think it depends on how both people feel at the time of the break-up. If the break-up was truly mutual and both had lost feelings and agreed it wasn't working, then I think friendship is possible.

    Problems arise when one person has feelings and the other one doesn't. Or when one person has expectations, and the other one doesn't live up to those expectations.

    There are so many things that play into whether a couple can be friends after the relationship has ended or not.

    It's definitely not unheard of. Sometimes people make better friends than lovers.

    But I've definitely been in situations where I regrettably remained friends in hopes that the guy would have feelings for me later on. I think in that case, it's best to just distance yourself, allow yourself to heel and move on.

    If that other person comes back and you still have some feelings for them, great. Then maybe you two can try again. But don't hold your hopes up!


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  • Yeah, I'm friendly with an ex. Usually it takes you both moving on and time.

  • For me, I don't believe I can be friends with an ex without having feelings rekindling for her within when I breakup I have to have a clean break.

    • Makes sense. If it was someone you dated for a while. What if it was someone you only dated for a few weeks or few months? Would that be possible in your mind for a mutual friendship if both sides understood why a relationship didn't work and why a friendship could work?

    • A few weeks...possibly I can still be friends. A few months...odds are I couldn't be platonic with her.

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