Is my new co-worker interested in dating?

So I'm trying to figure out if this new girl that starting working with me about two weeks ago is interested in dating, but I feel like I'm getting mixed signals here. I totally want to go for it, but I'm concerned about making things awkward between us. Personality-wise we get along great, constantly teasing each other, and overall just a lot of joking around and laughing. I felt like I was getting some definite signs of flirting, aside from her always smiling when I'm around her, she likes to bring up old jokes/conversations between the two of us, she's playing with her hair and even touching me while we're talking. From what I've gathered too she talked about me quite a bit while she was going through the new employee training program. Well, the thing is: this morning after I e-mailed her a file she'd need today, she e-mailed back "thanks friend." She's also called me "dude" a couple of times, but the "friend" comment in and of itself made me think she's not interested. Then I felt it got even weirder because we spent most of the rest of the day chatting on IM. She kept IMing me (She initiated every conversation) because I wasn't dropping by her desk, and when we'd start joking around she made comments like "What did you do before I started here?" (She's made this comment a few times before) and when I was teasing her back she told me that I could stop acting like I didn't like hanging out with her. Thoughts? Is this girl interested in dating or does she just think of me as a friend?


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  • Mixed signals O.O

    I call guys I've been interested in dude before though. That's not a biggie for me. But her signs she shows seem to be flirty...Like, that's how I act at work with people that I like. The friend comment throws me for a loop though. I'm not sure. I'd say talk to her more...Maybe touch her like she touches you and see if she is uncomfortable with it. Push her limits a little and see how she reacts. If it's a positive response, go for it! and good luck! :D


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