Why does she treat me like nothing but claim to be Interested?

We dated a couple times and she just broke up with an ex and wasn't ready for a new relationship. I didn't like being her friend because it made me fee like a dog salivating over food I couldn't have. So we mutually went are separate ways. She kinda let me on by seeming so interested, she bought me $300 worth clothes and would come over to my apartment we Haven't even had sex.I was confused!

A year later I found out though some friends that she just had a baby. I was shocked but relieved. I didn't want kids but I was shock that she didn't want a relationship with me but had a baby by another dude. But I moved on with life and didn't think much about it.

4 years later I'm on a dating website and she finds me out the blue. We start talking about how nice it's to hear from each other, she tells me that she stop talking to me because of the lifestyle I used to live but that had changed now. She want to start seeing me again go out for food like we did back in the day is what she said! Now she's a single mother!

I feel like she just get bored and just so happen to send me pointless text they don't follow through. Like:

The infamous Wyd ( what you doing) I get a couple variants of this message.

First Wyd I respond what I am genuinely doing and don't get a response

Or I get a Wyd text then respond what is she up to and don't get a response

Or the best one

I get asked Wyd, I say making dinner she responds why didn't I invite her.. I say I didn't know you eat this and I will cook us dinner one night... Implying that I want to set a date!

But don't get a response back.. Weird

And now the finally dumb thing she said the other week was

Was when she said I was on her mind!

This is what she said:

I hope you had a great weekend. by the way I wasn't complaining just traveling with other people anfd their kids can b rough. But ill call you tomorrow. don't

feel good but you were on my mind.

** I didn't respond to this text and its now been 5 days and she still hasn't called or text we. It's like we are playing a secret covert ops war game with our communication.


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  • to be honest, it sounds like she's a single mum and she wants to feel wanted, and you're the only guy she can think to turn to for that. Sorry, harsh but that's how it seems


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