Why did is he texting me all the time if he likes some one else?

this guy I sorta like and he used to like me and he came over and and one of his friends asked him who he liked and he said some girl ( not me) so I figured he did not like me, but he kept texting me and told me to text him the next day, the next day he texted me at 8:16 in the morning saying what's up. Does he like me or not? what your opinion


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  • guys can like more than one girl at a time. I personally have had a complete crush on two girls at once, it wasn't shallowness or I wasn't playing anybody. sometimes you have romantic feelings for more than one person. that could be the case with him. or he just said he liked somebody else so you won't suspect him liking you. or he just wants a really good friend to talk to. all three are possible.

    • If he he does like me than why would he just not say it? Thank you

    • hypothetically if he likes you, he may just not be ready to express his feelings for you yet. sometimes that's a problem were the guy may be to afraid to say it. so if you think he really likes you but won't respond to your hints, just tell him how you feel and see were it goes from there. dose he respond quickly in texts? because if he dose then he most likely dose like you.

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