Do you think it's right to start dating after two weeks of my breakup?

He was the one who left me after and all didn't want to work things out. Now someone else has been asking me out, he knows I'm still a little hurt. But I think this will distract me and make me forget faster.

What do you think?


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  • I think you're definitely in the clear. You certainly don't owe your boyfriend anything considering HE was the one to dump YOU.

    So yeah in that regard it's fine. If you want to date around, you can go right ahead, but I would recommend that you drop as much emotional baggage as you can before you do. More specifically, if you go on a date with somebody new, try to refrain from making any reference to your ex. Also don't make any expectations about the new guy based on your ex, and don't go blaming anything you're mad about for your ex on the new guy.

    I know this all sounds like a bunch on no-brainer stuff, but you'd be amazed how many people screw up a new relationship, or even no strings attached fun just by making those exact mistakes. So if you can refrain from doing those mistakes, you're golden. I can't guarantee it will make you forget, but it might distract you for a while. (and if you need more distractions I can always give you advice on that.)

    Anyway, get out there and have fun.


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  • Usually you'll be ina rebound state, and not able to really 'be there' for anyone else, after a hurtful break-up. The guy will find you unresponsive and think you don't like him that much.

    I'd advise sticking with old friends for a while while you sort out what you have been through.

    Explain to the guy that you need some time before being 'involved' again.

    It;s not fair to him to just let him be a 'distraction', as if he were a pet hamster or something!

  • Once single, there is no rules, so go for it.


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  • In my personal opinion, I think 2 weeks after a break up is too soon. Yes, it would be a distraction, but you owe it to yourself to heal emotionally. It would also be a rebound relationship, which are known to have a greater percentage of failure.

    You say he knows you're still hurting, maybe he'll be willing to just hang out with you, not pushing it further , knowing you're still vulnerable.

    If you do decide to have him as your distraction, I think you should be up front and honest about your intentions, from the get go.

    Good luck! Hang in there :)

  • Heck yeah! Why not? I mean, rebound wasn't made for just any reason!