Should I message him?

I met this guy and we texted/sexted for a little bit and then hooked up, it was great we had such a good time

but then I had to leave over summer and I didn't text him or anything and he didn't text me either...he might have thought I was lying :/

but when I got back 2 weeks ago I texted him saying "Hey :)" and he still hasn't responded

should I text again or is he over it?

btw we had a great time he wanted to meet up the next day again
lol I just messaged him 2 min ago but he hasn't responded



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  • First of all - you had not send him any message for quite a long time. Had you explained him that you will be out for few days and message as soon as you will be back? He might have changed his mind. On the other hand he had not tried to contact you. If he was really interested in you - he might have tried something. Try to see him personally and clear the things.


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  • Honestly, if a guy is REALLY interested in a girl he will message her RIGHT AWAY, now unless he's lost his phone or broke it then you could try messaging him again...but in this case it doesn't look too good, then again I could be WRONG.

  • no

  • Keep pursuing

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