Guys, does this make you feel content? How does this make you feel?

If you starting dating someone and you both really you know something is there and you don't want to look anywhere else. What if you had to chill on everything because you were focused on setting a standard for a job promotion and you were not sure how long it was going to take. Would it help to hear the woman tell you to take all the time you need and that she will be there when you are ready? I want to tell the guy I am dating this. I just don't know how he would feel being that he is focused on something. I keep thinking that when guys are focused on something sometimes they give up on dating. Do you think this will help? give him something to look forward to? He has been distant and I think sometimes guys think we will move on if they are not putting in effort. I don't feel that way. I believe he is worth the wait. There is no doubt that he feels the same way about me.


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  • if he likes you he will not put it on hold

    • Well I have learned that if someone cares about you they think about your feelings. He may have been through an experience where he has got vulnerable and the girl didn't stay. I am not like that. When I like someone I think about their feelings. I'm sticking around. He introduced me to coworkers and friends and bragged about me to his fam. That doesn't sound like someone that does not like a person. Eye contact during our first time after 5 months of knowing each other is also a strong connection.