Should I be feeling ashamed?

so usually when I drink with friends we just stay home and chill out. This time we decided to go out to a party instead. Long story short, I made out with this random guy (who was a couple years younger than me) and yeah, it was my first kiss.

idk how to feel about it, although I had a lot of fun kissing him and being groped (he was really hot), I just never wanted my FIRST kiss to be while drunk, with a guy I don't know.

a part of me is fine with it because it had to happen at some point and it's not like I had sex, and also like I said it was fun

but I don't like how that will be my memory for my first kiss, and on top of that I found out he has a girlfriend, so that makes it seem even more…sleazy (and the fact that he reallllly wanted to eat me out and have sex).

so how should I feel about this? should I just think nothing of it, or not count it as my first "first" kiss,or what?


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  • when you have feelings it's different. just be glad you didn't do anything more than that.