How do you know what you're dating league is?

Do you have a pretty good idea of what league you're in?

I've always wondered where exactly I fall.


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  • there's no set leagues. it goes by person. leagues are dumb. each person you meet is different and likes different things.

    as a whole I think most of us reasonably understand ourselves, and we use that to gauge other people we meet.


    looks. most of us know how hot our face and body is. sometimes the body is much hotter than face or vice versa, these two combined.

    look at the appearance, combined with your personality worth (maybe you are extra funny or outgoing which adds points. maybe you are very shy or awkward which can minus points)

    then combine with your status worth (what's your education level? what type of job do you have? do you come from a certain background)

    combine looks + personality + status of yourself and you just weigh that against other people you meet, in my opinion. but, even with that rough formula, EVERYONE likes different things! I have liked guys that my friends thought were way too ugly for me. but to me they had personality and charm and similar "status" and other things I liked. some of my friends date REALLY hot guys who are more attractive than they are, but the guy likes them so you never really know.

    so really, leagues is dumb. there's no predetermined league.

    an honest assessment of myself says I can get someone decent but the best cream of the crop man that every girl is after might not want me.


    looks-between my body and face I am sexy and above average. however I am not a 10. I have curves in the right spots, my face is pretty but not stunning, and I have blond hair which for some is a plus for some a huge minus.

    personality-very subjective, that I can't really predetermine what someone will like or not but I know myself.

    status-i am in law school so I think it is fair to find someone with a higher level of education as well. but he does not have to be wealthy, just not broke, and educated.i am in my early 20s, so I would expect to attract a relationship with someone between my age and 30.

    based on myself, I gauge if I think someone would be interested or not. soemtimes I have been surprised at both ends (what I consider "too good" for me and "not quite for me, in nice words")

    because overall I think people date someone similar in many respects.


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  • the only time I ever cared about "dating league" was when I had this blinddate with a girl.

    she was ugly and not very bright. I don't use the term "ugly" easily.

    I was totally out of her league.

    so unless you need some serious orthodontic treatment, or have some other issues, don't worry about dating leagues

  • Probably the average or below average looks league

  • This isn't sports. There are no such things as leagues.

    Different people have different preferences. If you're a supermodel and some ugly guy rejects you, there's no use in saying, "But... But... you're in my league. How dare you? I ought to tell the authorities!"

    There is no certainty or objectivity in dating. That's frightening, I know. Either we deal with it, or we live in denial.

    • I meant to say, there's no use in saying, "But... But... I'm above your league". I'm sure you get my point, though.

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    • But, anyway, my point is, the whole thing is subjective. The reason you're having trouble knowing which 'league' you're in is that there is no objective way of determining that.

    • And what you going to say to a an ugly girl with a hot guy or an ugly guy with a hot girl? "You're playing out of your league. You should be ashamed"? Haha.

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