How can an unattractive guy get a girlfriend?

please don't answer with these

go after uglier women ( I go after women I don't find attractive)

go to the gym ( I do )


get off your computer and go out and follow outdated traditions and be forced to reward women with an ego boost by approaching them ( more than 300 rejections , almost 350 now )

online dating ( failed at it too )

im pathetic and I've never had a real convo with a girl (because they never reply back)

how can an unattractive guy get a girlfriend

PS : I'm not 25-29. I'm younger


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  • The dating game isn't easy , especially for guys lacking in the looks and money department. Don't mind these idiots on here saying you're feeling sorry for yourself. They don't appreciate their success in the dating game because they have had success and people who have success in anything in life almost always takes it for granted. I never had confidence, game, pick up lines or anything and I still have gotten dates so that confidence personality all that matters B.S. people try to sell you is nothing but a myth especially if you not physically appealing. Looks do matter because you can't get to the next test (personality compatibility) without them which is what so many people fail to mention when giving you advice.

    • then there's no hope for me ?

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    • i literary heard people trying to come up with positive talk about the syria situation

    • Like I said , people will tell a positive lie instead of the negative truth simply because it sounds good even if it really isn't. I'm not trying to tell you to give up on women, that's up to you really. But what I'm saying is that in life people seem to understand what's possible and what isn't in every aspect of life except the dating game. They believe that everyone will be able to succeed if they do this or that , act this way etc. but that's only fantasy not reality. Thanks 4 best A .

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  • OK - more than 300 rejections: There you have it. You can't approach just any woman in the hope that she'll be your girlfriend, no-one will feel special if she knows that you have tried all other women before her!

    We had a guy like this at high school: One he brought chocolate, one he invited to the cinema, one he gave a rose (me), and so on and so fourth. About 8 girls in so many weeks! Of course high school is a small place and word spread, so no-one wanted to date such an indiscriminate man.

    It's actually the same when you get applications for a job (I get lots) and they tell you they'd do absolutely anything just to come to my country. But I don't want that, I want someone with motivation who is interested in just the job only I have to offer.

    If you are indiscriminate, it gives off the whiff that you don't care about yourself, so why should anyone else.

    So you write you don't want "go to the gym" advice, but in a way it's the best one: Find something, irrespective of women, that you find interesting. sports, arts, music, caring for animals, whatever. Then, if you are passionate about something, you will develop charisma. Women love men who care. Not just about them, but generally.

    Then find a woman who cares about the same thing as you.

    Stop being miserable - big turn-off.

    • look my life is good and I'm involved in many things but I can't attract women , and I never act miserable outside

  • How do you know that you are actually unattractive? Going after women you are not attracted to is not going to make you happy even if they were to date you. And being in a relationship is not something you should try and settle for.

    Important to know that thinking you are pathetic will make you pathetic. You don't want to be pathetic, because THAT is what is unattractive and could be the reason why you are turned down. The way you approach them is a really important part of getting a response. Don't seem like you are begging, don't seem like you are trying to, don't seem like you are trying to get pity and come off sad- take a step back and just casually approach them as if you just want to talk to them for the plain reason of socializing. Because if you are being turned down for just wanting to socialize, then you are picking out shallow people to attempt to talk to. And if you are younger than 25, it's likely you are in high school? or college?

    If you are in high school- high school doesn't mean a thing. It is no where near what life is really like, honestly. And if you were in high school and had approached that many girls they are going to turn away simply because words travels around high school and they will know you've tried to talk to all those girls and that would seem as if you are desperate and that none of these girls were actually special, just another person to try and talk to. Not to mention, you really would have a lot of time to find someone for you.

    If you are in college, there are so many opportunities ahead of you to find someone. Don't hold yourself back- join groups of things you are interested in. Go to social events held by the school or sports, whatever. Be a helping hand when you are in class and don't be afraid to casually say something here or there to someone. Be open to people trying to talk to YOU.

    If you are out of high school or out of college, still get out and join groups of things you like. Even if it doesn't have females in it, there might be a female version of your group that gets together with the male version and have socials. Don't be afraid of people. Don't be afraid of YOURSELF, let yourself shine. Don't focus entirely on talking to women, talk to guys to and make some friends because you never know who you are going to meet through them.

    You are young. Do not think that you doing something wrong by never having been with someone. You are trying too hard for that to happen. You need to slow down, not worry about it, and let it come as it is supposed to. Stop calling yourself unattractive. Find the things you do like about yourself and things that you know other people would find attractive (if you can't get past thinking that nothing about you is attractive- imagine as if someone else had your traits, your personality, and analyze themm).

    Be happy my friend, things do change the faster time goes. If you need to talk or whatever you can message me, don't be afraid!

  • stop looking for pity


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  • Try forming a Rejected Club and see if the idea takes off. There'd be plenty of candidates for membership.

    Also, trying to be always honest would be a big plus. I mean, you're even lying about your AGE, for crying out loud!

    • i made this account when I was 16 , because I thought it was 18+ . I'm 19 now

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