How do I get a guy to want to take things to the next level without confrontation?

I know communication is key in a relationship but this is different...

(some details->)

-We've been dating sine May. I'm not seeing anyone he is not either (99%sure).

-He doesn't "date" around, neither do I.

-I'm pretty affectionate when I'm with him (we've cuddled before-lol)

-We have the FUNNEST time when we're together. We Haven't gotten very sexual we've been naked together and touching but nothing past that not even a handjob (I know it's crazy, but we barely see each other-which I do not like so much:(

I act very coy and somewhat distant , but he does too!(sometimes we don't text each other after 3 days after we've hung out for "space" I don't need space myself but I am guessing he does since he's a man :)

Basically, Iwant him to make the first step to move things to the next level (whatever that is), being "offiicial" or "exclusive" (I don't like those words). I will be more serious about him once I know he WANTS me and needs me :) I like him a lot but I want to see how we would be like at different stages in a friendship/relationship

so please help me :) guys & girls. What are some ways I could show him perhaps I want to but not directly maybe :P

p.s. I'm not a feminist so don't give me that bs crap about initiating just like a guy...


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  • Just tease him, dare him to rip off your clothes, play hide and go get the idea.


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  • Tell him you want to be exclusive.

  • Well, a girl I used to date once just asked me after we had been hanging out/having sex for like two months "are we just seeing each other.. am I your girlfriend.." and as soon as she said that I told her we were together. he might think so too but just isn't verbal about it

  • you can talk your feelings to him...


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