Guys, why do you text first then not reply?

Question says it all. Why do you do this? Like when I know the guy is interested but then doesn't reply?


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  • When I do that, it's because I feel like I did enough to initiate and I'm usually disappointed by the response. I was really excited to text with her and if it's a generic response that doesn't make me think she's interested I'll back off or just forget about her.

    • What if she texted back something long with much interest?

    • If I don't respond back to that right away, I am probably taking it in and thinking of what to write so I don't sound stupid. I might need a break to clear my mind. Another possibility is that I am not with my phone. When I'm waiting in line for coffee or something I'll send a text and then put it in my pocket and forget about it until I take it back out.

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  • because it drive women crazy and getting into females heads is a way too make the girl chase you. answer mine please

    • Ugh I hate it!.. will do :)

    • and that's the point of it. Getting into a womans mind even on a negative note is a way to advance in the subconcious part of your mind.

  • Text is just not that important to guys. If it was important you'd have made a phone call.

  • because it drives you crazy.

    • He just makes me mad! So yes I guess you are right! Should I do that back to him?

    • I never thought about that but yeah go for it.

      then again you never know maybe was busy or something.

    • True, but I will let him have a taste of his own medicine next time.

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  • either they are busy, they want to know you will answer, they want to make you crazy.