Baffled by ex-boyfriends mom. Opinions?

My ex broke up with me over a week now. It all started when I (drunkenly I might add) deleted his mom off my fb. I texted him and said I hated how she comments on my statuses when me and him had funny, inside joke convos. One comment in particular where she got defensive, because I called her my "future mother in law" (which was in quotes) And she said I shouldn't be referred to as that, there has never been that talk yet, bla bla bla. But in person at brunch one time we were talking about going to her friends wedding and he joked we were gonna elope and she went along with it and said I don't think you should, I wanna be at the wedding. So she was behind the idea of us getting married.

Fast forward to the deletion, I never messaged her before or after. I texted him and said I deleted her all he said was you need to talk to her and joked what am I going to do with you two? She sent me a message on fb saying, she never has and never did anything to me to warrant deleting her, she's never going to apologize for anything she's ever said. And basically wrote us off saying "it's sad because I thought you two were good together" I messaged him that and I said I don't know what you want to do, all he said was I don't know either. I still didn't say anything to her in case me and him could sit down and talk to her and don't understand why she continues to get in the middle of his relationships if she wants him to have grandkids asap and always said that when I was around, he's 27. I didn't hear from him for days after so I texted him, his main reason was he was in love with me, but he didn't love the relationship, mentioned nothing about his mom, and we broke up.

I feel like I'm doing good moving on, but can't get over the fact he never stood up for me and if I see her in person I don't think I could hold anything back if she ever approached me.


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  • Well if he isn't willing to stand up for you to his mom, it's best you're not together, a lifetime of that would have been a real bitch.

    for you, I wouldn't invest so much into Facebook - yeah, her getitng all bent out of shape for you deleting her was immature, but so was you passive-aggressively deleting her.


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