What should I text to my boyfriend in the AM after a minor argument ?

My boyfriend and I had a minor argument about me calling him back to talk to my friend on the phone . He didn't really wanna talk when I called him back he told me he'll talk to me after class in the Am he says he's not mad but I could hear it in his voice ! What should I text him in the Am ?


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  • Nothing, it's a minor spat that will work itself out. Just talk to him as you would normally


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  • I need to know what his problem is with talking to your friend, and why it was important to YOU to have him do that.

    Otherwise, I'd just be purely guessing about what to say to him.

    • He doesn't like her because he says he permiscuous and he thinks that when I'm with her that I'm cheating or that she has me talking to other guys

    • Well, it's your business who your friends are And he needs a better reason than that!

  • We need to talk about your fear of the word morning...

    Did you just legitimately hang up on him or say hey ill call you back my friend wants to talk, without letting him say a word or?

    It can be rude and I can kind of see his point, if I'm driving someone or hanging out with them and they want to text on their phone I get pretty annoyed.

    I don't know why this is mind-boggling though, literally just apologize?

    • We haven't talked all day because he had basketball practice and after his practice he wanted to go hang out with his friends and watch the game and I didn't complain. when he finally called me I was on the phone with my best friend so I told him I would call him right back but he got upset because he has class in the morning so he felt like I should tell my best friend that I would talk to her later but he didn't do that for me earlier when I wanted to talk.

    • I see his point if it's the only time he had, but it's still stupid to expect you to just hang up on your friend. If he told you he would be on at x time then he might be more in the right.

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