Is he just being proud?

If a guy thinks a girl doesn't like him will he start saying things like "remind me not to date you" to feel better?

The guy is just a friend and ever since I said there are no guys around to look at he's not the same with me. The comment was "remind me not to date you" followed by "that was harsh."

Is he just being a jerk, because who said anything about dating?!


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  • Your comment made it seem like women like looking at men just as much as men like looking at women (eye candy). He was insulted that you don't think he's attractive, that's probably all it is.


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  • He's trying to convince himself he doesn't want you. Plus it makes him think that not dating you is his choice. You should've said "I'll be the first to remind you not to date me."

    • Also, him saying "that was harsh" is so big headed because he's implying that it hurt you.

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