Calling after a date - is he busy or not into me?

I was yesterday on a 4th date with a guy. During our meeting he asked me if I would like to go for a coffee with him next time. In the end he said that we can meet this week and that he'll let me know. He ( as usual) took some photos of me during the meeting and promised to send me these photos later. He hasn't called me or texted me or whatever since goodbye. After all earlier dates he called me in few hours after a meeting, and sending photos too. Do you think it is the fact he is busy or is not into me and is not going to contact me?


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  • I think you are over thinking this If the date went great and he even proposed a date for later, then he will call. You are taking the time he usually has been calling you as opposed to now he isn't calling at the usual time too literal. He wouldn't have said all those things to you and told you he'd send the pics if he wasn't going to. at the end of the date he would have just said, see you later.