Hypothetical Scenario: ugly, fat, short, rich self made guy hires a girl.

to have his babies, raise them, and have sex with him as well. She's not dumb, gets 50k a year, and is free to date and sleep with whoever she wants provided she doesn't get infected. She's also not old and can still have other babies that aren't his. She also has another job that also pays 50k. Would you date a girl like this under any circumstances? Is it smart or trashy or both?


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  • Trashy. Is that 50k for the rest of her life? I'd be surprised if any guy would offer this. He'd be better off financially getting a surrogate mother and nannies, though that would be HORRIBLE for the actual children.

    Neither of these hypothetical people know anything about life or love or anything in life that is satisfying.

    • per year.

    • Per year for the rest of her life is a huge amount of money. The government will rarely give you that much in a pension. All I'm saying is: compare 50,000 a year to 15,080 for a couple years (minimum wage). You have to round up for surrogate mother and having a cut above minimum wage...say you pay 30,000 a year.

      Once those kids are adults, you'd still have to pay that 'hired wife' until she dies - what if she lives to be 100? But, with a nanny, you only pay til the kids are grown.

    • per year to be his "wife" meaning it's his choice how long

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  • They're both shallow in my opinion.

    • everyone is shallow. if you're not, then that means you date people you're not attracted to and that's just wrong. If someone's ugly, fat, and short, no-one will be into him. He wants better looking kids and wants them to be raised at least somewhat normally.

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  • No, trashy. 50k a year for babies and sex is a ripoff

    • then 250k

    • 250k a year, I would definitely see a lot more girls willing to do that. Especially from more European/ Asian cultures where there is a heavy value placed on money instead of love

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