Looks like ex moved on? Dating?

So today I received blasting info, like all day long I've been feeling like throwing up.

Friend told me, people close to my Ex told HIM that She is already dating and also a guy from the university? (almost 4 year relationship), we broke up back in March 2013.

So yeah, and I went through her twitter, I saw 2 tweets: one said "The reason for my existence is You" "million people out there and I just want to be with You" stuff like that... like this stuff I think it reopened my wounds. Also I found out that 4 daysbefore break up, she cheated on me with other guy! Devastating day for me :(

What should I do, feel? wtf! I think I still love the f***ing liar bitch



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  • Everything your feeling is totally normal. We all go through that stuff.

    I learned the best way to deal with something like this, especially if you were the one who was cheated on and lied to, just stay away from them and don't look back. Don't check her social media profiles or ask about her. Each time you check her status and find out the latest update, you reset your healing process to ground zero as if you broke up yesterday. And remember all negative traits she has so it will help you stay away from her.

    What you feel is what you feel I mean...you really can't control your feelings, but control your actions. Eventually you won't care as much anymore. There may always be that part of you that kinda misses her or wishes things turned out differently and that's okay.

    • I agree completely, especially about how checking social media and finding out about her moving on through friends is damaging and completely resets your progress. The good thing about that is it'll reset less and less as time goes on and your feelings start to diminish. But still, it's best to stay away. And it's okay to talk about your feelings to a close friend if you feel it's necessary. Just don't ask about her to mutual friends.

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    • if at all possible ,don't go to the same places, if it can't be helped , don't even give her a glance. She dogged you out, she does not deserve your attention ever again

    • I think when someone does you dirty like that, the best way to get back at them is to act like you're so much happier without them. Even if you have to fake it. Also, don't play games and buy into her trying to act all nice and be friends with you if she tries to pull that. Based on what you typed, that crossed the line for you, so hold onto the respect you have for yourself and don't even be friends with someone grimey like that.

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  • im sorry you ended up dating someone so heartless, it will eventually bite her in the ass, but you on the other hand need to realize when people do this to us it is not anything we did to deserve it,they are selfish individuals who think of only their happiness and will do anything to get it including betrayal. Don't lose hope though,all women are not anything like her.


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  • Move on man. Find another girl. Go to a bar. Have some fun. Hang out with your buddies and drink some beers. Just get out and do something to get her off your mind. Block her Twitter feed and tell your friends you don't want to hear about her.

  • It's normal to feel angered but you have to let it go. It sucks at she cheated on you with the guy, but you know what? Screw her. She isn't worth it. You can find something better for you

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