Should I visit the guy I'm dating's mother or is that weird ?

So, I am dating this guy who is in the military, he is away at basic training now, but before leaving he introduced me to his mother, she was very kind, but recently I've been missing him, and I am concerned about her since she is always worried, should I give her a surprise visit ? Maybe bring a gift or some cupcakes ? Thing is..he is not my boyfriend so I feel like since I don't have the title, I'm not sure how he is going to react, although he did introduce me, and he did seem like he wants to get together when he comes back, I am not sure if he is still going to feel the same way when he comes back, also its been awhile since I've talked to his mom, so I am scared that she may not remember me..Should I visit or no, since I am not his official girlfriend?


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  • That would be weird even if you were his girlfriend. Also surprise visits are a bad idea. You should always call first. Having someone you barely know surprise visit is really strange. If you were officially his girlfriend then you could call her and it wouldn't be weird, but even then it would be strange to visit her, unless you had already formed a close bond.


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