Girls, why did she start getting short with me all of a sudden?

So I've been texting this girl (haven't met) and latest interaction went like this:

Me: You're an interesting girl, even with that weird marmite fetish of yours! Now you have to tell me something random about yourself [inside joke at the marmite thing]

(a day later)

Her: You like marmite as well so don't give me that sh*t

Me: Was joking! If you saw my obsession for the stuff, I'd have to change the locks to keep you out

(6 hours later)

Me: I know you don't have a weird fetish by the way, was teasing you! Text me at some point if you wanna talk. Off to bed early, have a good night sleep

(2 days later)

Her: How do you know it's not a weird fetish?

(2 days later)

Me: Depends. you're not the sort who smears it all over their body are you?

(Within 20-30 seconds) Her: Maybe

Me: Do you always talk that much

(Within 20-30 seconds again) Her: Depends

(20 min later) Me: On what?

I'm confused why she's being short with me? We usually ask each other questions about each other but I she started to reply quickly with instant replies. Why is she being like this?

I plan to not reply back soon and leave it a few days before I re-initiate, she could have had a bad day, etc I don't know..

I haven't had a reply for over 6 hours also


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  • it seems like she is just trying, or is, to play games with you. clearly she has you wondering so it's satisfying her. If she's not that good at doing whatever she is doing, she will break and initiate before the 3 days you do lol. Or, she's probably on her period and just emotional and moody or something lol

    • Do I not rise to it and let her reply back to me? Should I be short in response to her short answers? I have a feeling my questions were closed ended though.. best to ask some open ones? She went to some festival a couple of weeks ago, I could ask her about that!

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    • She did the other day right before the two one word answers, but it was on topic with that "fetish" thing. We do play a game of getting to know each other sometimes, trading personal questions. Also, when you say "really nice" do you mean to say I should back off and be a challenge, make her work for me? How would I go about this? All I can think of is not contacting her again until she does, or if she replies at night, reply next day and say I was out. I already do that last one though

    • Been ages since, but I noticed 9AM after I told her "You don't have a fetish btw" she tweeted "Haven't you ****** off yet? #wanker". Would this have been about me? Wish I'd known.. but she texted me 2 days later, etc.

      She seems to be ignoring me atm, we've been penpals all year and I don't want us breaking contact, but not sure what I've done. I've asked her but no reply...

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