How do I go about texting a guy I like?

For example when he doesn't text back. Do I just wait until the next day to text him or wait for him?

Idk apparently there's so many rules for texting...


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  • wait until he contacts you back. If he doesn't answer you back then MAYBE if you really want text him one very last time. And if he does not answer after that then chances are he just isn't interested :/ maybe his phones broken or you have the wrong number IDK. You could just try talking to him in person and judging his interest level off of that. If he ends up not being interested then I say cut your losses and move on to a guy more worth your while, it sucks but its so much more worth it in the end when you do find that guy :) hope this helps!

  • If he doesn't text back now and then, he might just be busy or preoccupied. If he never texts back - look here, do you talk to people who never answer. Drop him - I give that advice a lot. Don't get lumbered with a worthless man - there's a lot of them about.


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