Being confident in yourself even with little experience?

Okay so well for me it is hard, I have my times where I will ask a girl for her number and a possible date. Then there are plenty of times where I will punk out or even just take it way to slowly. Like for example girl that works at the gym I go to. Beautiful girl, but seems way more experienced then me (Well I have none so a lot of girl are more experienced then me). Since I am already using her as an example I will just keep going. She will say hi whatever doing her job (at least that is what I just assume). The other day I was trying to get her to laugh since she tends to be serious most of the time (well seriously bored) , she just showed a grin (which I am assuming to just get me to leave her alone). Then I will catch her later, where I called her by name then and she smiled. So the other day I noticed she did something different and let her know what's up that I thought it was nice (she smiled again). My thing is I am afraid to ask her out, because this whole time I am thinking she is just being nice. Also I don't want to be known as the guy she rejected and is trying to dodge from here on out. I just feel like things get uncomfortable after that. Even then after first dates things tend to go down hill for me. Only with about three different girls (out of six different dates going past two or more, but no relationship or sex. Yep I am still a virgin. Also getting stood up on one first date). I tend to freak out on the first date, always wondering what to wear, where to take her, what to talk about, how to keep her interested (actually every single date I have been on or go on, I tend to do this, Wanting to go in for the kiss yet wondering if it is the right time and will I be any good). It is very nervewrecking for me which is why I don't even bother. At the same time I am sick and tired of seeing other guys in relationships, while I am having trouble even getting a girlfriend and getting made fun of because I am 28yrs old never had sex, but have kissed a couple women (well they kind of kissed me) and always stuck in the friend zone. It is so bad if Jr could talk he would cuss my a** out, if he could probably hop off and pull a chris brown and throw up the deuces (ok bad joke, any you get the point).

I just need tips on how to flirt and keep things interesting. I am way to shy to even put my picture up on online dating websites, because I feel that people would think less of me since I am having trouble getting girls and that would be almost like a desperation move.


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  • Read that again - you spend way too much time over thinking things especially how you're going to look in the minds of other people.

    Here's the thing - no one cares. You're not the star of the Truman Show. No one is watching what you do or thinking about you in any way. Stop wondering what you'll look like to them. No one notices. No one cares.